Hi, we're SoFetch. We work with software.

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Part-time CTO

Most start-ups and early stage ventures already have a "technical cofounder" or "VP of Engineering/Development". Those roles are extremely technical. The things those roles are missing that we can fill are:

Hire a team that has built their own products

You're wanting to build a platform that generates revenue? Is it going to be SaaS-y? Great. We've built a couple of our own. You need a team that:

We love maintenance work

A lot of software development companies hate to take on maintenance work. It's not sexy or requires writing a lot of automated tests before writing actual code to improve the current system.

Maintenance work is hard, fun, and can reduce future software development costs by multiples of 10. For us to take on your maintenance projects we need buy-in from you and the other stakeholders on realistic expectations of how long it will take to see results, though. Just forewarning.

How much is this going to cost?

We are competitively priced. We:

It's easier and less headache for everyone involved. We're not bill-collectors, we're software developers. We don't negotiate this part. Some have tried. It keeps it extremely easy for both our customers and ourselves so we can all stay focused on building your software well.

Do we do work on projects for equity?

Yes and No. Our requirement is: we need to have already worked on your platform for at least 12 weeks. This allows us to see how your team/stakeholders work together and if we all work together well, too.

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